Anchoring and suspension clamps of the Aerial Bundled Conductors (LV ABC)

Anchoring dead end clamps
Suspension clamps for ABC networks

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NILED is a european manufacturer for ABC accessories for more than 70 years. The offer includes a wide range of abc suspension clamps or wedge anchoring dead end clamps for fixing overhead bundled conductors. The anchoring dead end clamps PA1500-PA2000 type are used to anchor the insulated messenger thanks to a wedge system. Because the body of the clamps are made from aluminium profile, the weights and dimensions of the anchoring wedge clamps are optimized. Installation is consequently easier. This installation is also easy thanks to a ball fixing system of the stainless steel bail. Niled propose anchoring dead end clamps fitted with hook anchoring system (PAC1500/PAC2000). ABC suspension clamps is proposed either with movable link (PS1500+LM) or without (PS54QC). The suspension assembly “EDF” ES1500 model includes the support bracket CS1500 delivered togeither with PS1500+LM suspension clamp.

NILED also propose suspension and anchoring dead end clamps for self-supporting insulated twisted cables “without messenger”. In this case, all the conductors will be placed and fixed in the clamps. A clamping system will ensure the fixing of the complete “aerial bundle conductors”.