Electrical connectors for industry , Wiring , Grounding

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NILED, as european manufacturer, is developing electrical connectors for Industry or ABC networhs for more than 70 years. A wide range of products include solution for electrical branch in many applications. Niled supplier propose not only electrical connectors for industry, but also fixing, earthing accessories and many solutions for energy distribution networks (aerial bundle conductors, public lighting products, indoor solutions). According to the conductors or environmental conditions, and the power lines to connect, you will find in the range of products, a secure solution. Regarding specifically the offer for electrical solutions for industry, the catalog include many insulated or not-insulated junction solution, wiring or fixing accessories. Pulling or suspension grips, made either of Nylon or steel, allow to anchor electrical cables, water pipe or gaz conduits… Offer for ABC (overhead bundled cables) include piercing tap connectors for insulated lines and anchoring fixing clamps for self supporting cables. The anchoring dead end clamps DN type, RPA or PAS type are used to anchor self supporting conductors without messenger thanks to a wedge system clamping all the insulated cables.

The proposed range of NILED piercing connectors includes very wide range of cross sections. So you can connect conductors from 1.5 to 1000 sqmm, made of aluminium or copper material, and suiting various classes of conductors (stranded, multi-wires, one core…). The “SX” IPC cponnectors are tottaly waterproof, IP65, VO. They can be used for 0,6/1 kV application. These tap piercing clamps are used cof connecting industrial cables according IEC-60228 european standard. Please contact our commercial dpt for any additional information.