ABC accessories : protective, insulating, and branch fixing fittings for abc (Aerial Bundled Cables )

(PVC mechanical protection, wedge-anchor clamps PA25,  bolting accessories, stainless steel strapping, insulating end caps)

Pinces d'ancrage PA25, PAS anchoring dead-end clamps
Nylon cable ties for electrical installation
Anchoring brackets for ABC clamps, fixing galvanized bolts
Cable protection cast on poles, stainless steel strapping

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NILED is a french manufacturer of protective fittings and branch ABC accessories for low voltage power lines. This range includes service fixing devices as : anchoring clamps PA25, fixing accessories, anchoring hook bolts, stainless steel strapping, protective cable gutters or insulating end caps. Niled ABC fittings catalogue (aerial bundled conductors fittings) includes all service branch accessories for fixing ABC power cables. Stainless steel strapping band and PVC rigid cable gutters are used to protect conductors placed inside from mechanical shocks. Niled propose a wide range of insulating protecting end caps which ensure watertightness of the insulated conductors. Electrical installer will find various size of protective gutters for the mechanical protection of rising cables . Stainless steel strapping bands are proposed with installation tooling required (Banding tools or cutter). More info in our catalogue concerning “Protective and branch accessories for ABC overhead lines”.