Mechanical shear-off bolts connectors / Accessories for underground connection

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NILED, as european manufacturer, develop mechanical shear-off bolts connectors and lugs for underground or industrial networks. Mechanical shear-off bolts ensure precise tightening control for the quality of the connection. Shear-off bolts mechanical connectors (terminal lugs or junction splices) can be used for medium voltage and low voltage LV application. Niled also propose mechanical protection boxes (to fill or not with gel or resin). Some mechanical protection boxes can be provide with or without connecting system. Gel box are dedicated for public lighting or indoor electrical connection.You also will find in the catalogue tap piercing connectors for specific requirements, underground or industrial applications. Niled propose various straight or derivation boxes “Y” or “T”  (resin protection boxes or gel pre-filled boxes for electrical underground cables).

The proposed range of NILED tap piercing connectors for underground includes very wide possibilities of cross sections. Electrical installer will find LV and MV solutions, and specific range of shear-off mechanical connectors for all classes of conductors. The pre-insulated piercing connectors are proposed with specific characteristics required (V0 Fire resistance, allogen free, IP65…Just precise your need to Niled commercial dpt). Niled will propose insulating solutions for electrical networks, such mechanical protection boxes, gel or resin boxes…