Insulation piercing connectors for ABC simultaneous tightening  (IPC clamps “CBS/CT 70”)

Insulation piercing connectors P4

 Insulation piercing connector   CES/CT70  – P4

Piercing connector for public lighting

Branch IPC for public lighting

 Main insulated Alu/Cu  6 – 120 mm2
 Tap insulated  Alu/Cu    1,5 – 10 mm2

Insulation piercing connectors

Insulation piercing connector   CBS/CT25  – P625

Tap connector piercing type for ABC lines

Piercing clamp for ins. service cable

 Main insulated Alu/Cu  6 – 150 mm2
 Tap insulated  Alu/Cu    2,5 – 25 mm2

Insulation piercing clamp / piercing connectors

Insulation piercing connector –  CBS/CT70 P635

Insulation piercing tap connector for ABC

Service piercing connector

 Main insulated Alu/Cu 16 – 95 mm2
 Tap insulated Alu/Cu 6 – 35 mm2

Piercing connectors CBS/CT70

Tap piercing connector –  CBS/CT150  – P645

Insulation piercing tap connector (IPC clamp)

Branch and public lighting clamp

Main insulated Alu/Cu 16 – 150 mm2
Tap insulated  Al/Cu (1,5- 6) 10-35M mm2


Tap piercing clamp IPC

 Insulated piercing connector “IPC” P54

Insulation piercing connector for overhead insulated cables

Derivation piercing clamp for ABC

 Main insulated  Alu/Cu  6 – 120 mm2
 Tap insulated  Alu/Cu     10 – 50 mm2

CDR/CT70  -  P70  IPC

 Insulation piercing connector “IPC” – P70

Ins. piercing clamp for main deriv.  CDR/CT1S

 Simultaneous piercing clamp IPC

 Insulated main  Al/Cu  35-150 mm2
 Tap insulated  Alu/Cu  35 – 95 mm2


Insulation piercing connectors

 Insulation piercing connectors      P150.2

Piercing connector for LV insulated cables

Insulation piercing clamp for ABC

 Insulated main Alu/Cu  35 – 150 mm2
 Tap insulated   Alu/Cu   35 – 150 mm2

Insulated Piercing connector

 Insulation piercing connectors       P240

Piercing connector for LV insulated cables

Tap derivation connector for ABC

 Insulated main Alu/Cu  70 – 240 mm2
 Tap insulated  Alu/Cu    70 – 240 mm2

NILED is developing the technology of insulation piercing connectors (IPC Clamps) for abc networks. Niled, european manufacture, supply national utilities power companies (Enedis, Iberdola, Endesa…) for more than 70 years.

Insulation piercing system : Shear-head bolt ensures precise tightening control of the insulation piercing connectors for ABC. Linemen keep the possibility to disasembly the insulation piercing clamps thanks to the second head of the nuts. Installation is clean and easy because very low qty of grease  is required for the watertightness of these insulated piercing connectors. Insulation of the piercing clamps : here-above IPC connectors are tested “withstand 6kV in water” according EN 50483 standard.

No electrical risk neither during, nor after the electrical connexion because all parts of the IPC (Insulation Piercing Connectors) are perfectly insulated. The proposed range of NILED piercing connectors for ABC lines includes very wide range of cross sections. Electrical installer will find insulation piercing clamps for networks derivation, tap branch or public lighting lines.

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