Insulation piercing connectors – independent tap tightening bolts

Insulation piercing connector P11

Main piercing connector/Separate bolt tightening

Tap connector / Stripping on tap side

 Insulated main  Alu/Cu  16 – 150 mm2
 Ins. cable Alu/Cu      1,5 – 35 mm2

Insulation piercing connector P617

Insulation piercing/Independent bolt tightening

2 branch connector / Stripping on tap side

 Insulated main   Alu/Cu  35 – 150 mm2
 Insulated tap cable  Alu/Cu  6-25 – 50M mm2


Insulation piercing connector P619

Piercing connector/Independent bolt tightening

2x branch piercing clamp

 Insulated main Alu/Cu  35 – 150 mm2
 Insulated tap Alu/Cu    6-25 – 35 mm2

Insulation piercing connector P14

Tap connector for several branch/Separate bolts tightening

 4x branch connector/Stripping type

 Insulated main Alu/Cu  16 – 150 mm2
 Insulated tap Alu/Cu      1,5 – 35 mm2

Insulation piercing connector PR775

Piercing clamp for insulated ABC network

 1x branch connector/Stripping type

 Insulated main Alu/Cu  35 – 150 mm2
 Insulated tap Alu/Cu      35 – 70 mm2


Insulation piercing connector PR185

Piercing clamp for insulated ABC network

 1x branch connector/Stripping type

 Insulated main Alu/Cu  70 – 240 mm2
 Insulated tap Alu/Cu     70 – 185 mm2

NILED, as european manufacturer, supply a range of insulated piercing connectors for more than 70 years. Shear-head bolt ensures perfect tightening control of the insulated piercing connectors “Independent tightening”. Linemen keep the possibility to disasembly the insulation piercing tap connectors thanks to the second head of the tightening nuts. Independent separate tightening solution allows, when insulation stripping on tap side, to disconnect and re-connect derivation of the independent tightening clamps if necessary.

No electrical risks neither during, nor after the electrical connexion because all parts of the independent tightening (piercing) connectors are totally insulated. The proposed range of NILED insulation piercing connectors includes very wide range of cross sections for both type, separate or simultaneous tightening. Electrical installer will find the two kind of insulated tap clamps : independent tightening clamps (either piercing or stripping system on tap sides) and simultaneous piercing connectors.

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