Independent tightening connectors with insulating cap

Independent tightening connectorP21+BI

Piercing tap connector for ABC

For branch or public lighting/Stripping type

 Insulated Main Alu/Cu   10 – 25 mm2
 Insulated tap Alu/Cu    1,5 – 25/35M mm2

Independent tightening connectorP71+BI

Piercing tap connector for ABC

For branch or public lighting/Stripping type

 Insulated main  Alu/Cu  35 –  95 mm2
 Insulated tap  Alu/Cu        4 – 50 mm2

Independent tightening connectorP72+BI

Piercing tap connector for ABC

2x  branch or Public lighting cables

Insulated main  Alu/Cu  35 – 95 mm2
Insulated tap  Al/Cu   2x   4-50 mm2


Independent piercing connectorP554

Piercing tap connector for ABC

1x branch piercing/piercing

 Insulated main  Alu/Cu   35 –  95 mm2
 Insulated tap Alu/Cu  16 – 25-35M mm2

Independent piercing connectorP555

Piercing tap connector for ABC

2 branch Piercing/Piercing

 Insulated Main  Alu/Cu  35 –  95 mm2
 Insulated tap  Al/Cu  16 – 25-35M mm2

Independent tightening connectorP74+BI

Piercing tap connector for ABC

4x branch or public lighting cables

 Main insulated  Alu/Cu  35 –  95 mm2
 Insulated tap  Alu/Cu  4x   4 – 50 mm2

Independent tightening connector –  P151+BI

Piercing type connector for ABC

Derivation of main conductors

 Insulated main  Alu/Cu  35 – 150 mm2
 Insulated tap   Alu/Cu       6 – 95 mm2

Independent tightening connector – PI153+BI

Derivation of main insulated cable

Branch or main cable connexion

 Insulated main  Alu/Cu  35 – 150 mm2
 Insulated tap  Alu/Cu      35 – 150 mm2


NILED, as european manufacturer, is developing the technology of insulation piercing connectors for more than 70 year. The IPC offer includes tap derivation connectors, either simultaneous or independent tightening connectors. Here-above independent tightening connectors are supplied with insulating jackets. Shear-head bolt ensures precise tightening control of the insulation piercing connectors. Connexion on tap side can be made either by insulation stripping of the derivation cable, or piercing of the sheath. Linemen keep the possibility to disasembly the insulation piercing clamps thanks to the second head of the nuts. Installation is clean and easy because very low qty of grease  is required for the watertightness of these insulated piercing connectors.

No electrical risk neither during, nor after the electrical connexion because all parts the IPC (Insulation Piercing Connectors) are perfectly insulated. The proposed range of NILED piercing connectors includes very wide range of cross sections. Electrical installer will find insulation piercing “IPC” clamps for networks derivation, tap branch or public lighting lines.

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